Rose lnternational's Direct Source Solution can be a key factor in any total talent acquisition program! We leverage the employer brand and enhance the experience of the candidates applying to job postings. Our clients win because they are either on-boarding resources that demonstrated a sincere desire to work for their specific organizations, or at the very least closing the loop with them in a caring way when the match isn't there.

Rose lnternational's Direct Source Team works closely with our clients' Human Resources and Contingent Workforce Program departments in order to on-board resources as full-time employees or contractors. These are often the same resources sourced through normal staffing channels, yet clients now receive them at a much better rate given that we're leveraging their applicant pools rather than conducting traditional sourcing efforts.


We love representing our clients, working closely with them to represent them in the very way they desire to these interested candidates. In fact, we designed our Direct Source offering in conjunction with one of our clients. Key elements include:

  • Collaboration with client teams, from Human Resources to Hiring Managers, aids with specific need fulfillment and change management.
  • Execution of a jointly developed communication plan, acting as an extension of our clients’ Human Resources.
  • Proactive mining of older applicants and providing a reintroduction to available opportunities.


  • Enhanced brand exposure; highlighting our clients as quality organizations and employers.
  • Utilization of a Huge Asset: we mine client applicant pools to leverage employer brands and fill sourced staffing needs.
  • Customization based on client need; our Direct Source Solution accommodates any need, from 10 to 10,000 candidates.
  • Cost savings: reduced mark-ups for Direct Source placements.


For Direct Source programs at least 6 months old, initial results can include:

  • Cost Savings: we report frequently with transparency.
  • Redeployed Resources: HR receives candidates no longer working for staffing requisitions for placement at full-time positions.
  • Superior Customer Service: applicants receive a telephone call and a “thank you” for their time, strengthening the employer brand.

Questions? Contact our Business Development Team to learn more!