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Rose International Wins State of Illinois Contract

St. Louis-based IT firm wins $10 million contract to supply consulting services and related technical products to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

ST. LOUIS (March 27, 2006) - Rose International, a leader in information technology and business services, announced today that it has been awarded a contract by the State of Illinois' Department of Central Management Services to provide Information Technology Consulting Services and related technical products to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

Specifically, Rose will support ongoing development and support of the Public Health Information Network (PHIN). Rose will provide alternate staffing, technical solutions and products that will assist the State of Illinois ' Department of Public Health in their goals to manage critical health information, and deliver technical services to the State of Illinois .

"We are honored that the State of Illinois has chosen us to work on this project for their Department of Public Health," said Rose International's CEO, Himanshu (Sue) Bhatia.

The contract will span all aspects of information technology, and deliver technical services throughout the next five years for a total expenditure not to exceed $10 million dollars. Areas of expertise include; Web Design, Application Support, Application Development, Architecture, Infrastructure, GIS and Geo Spatial technologies, Data Warehousing/Data Management, Project Management and Oversight.

About Rose International

Founded in 1993, St. Louis-based Rose International is a global provider of information technology and business services to corporations and government agencies. Rose has offices and development centers in seven U.S. cities and one in New Delhi , India . With nearly 1,000 associates and steady revenue growth, Rose is recognized as one of the country's fastest-growing and most successful companies. Rose's client list includes Chevron, the Department of Defense, AT&T, the State of Missouri and Toyota, among others.

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