Rose lnternational's Delivery-Centric Managed Service Provider (MSP) offering utilizes a fulfillment centric, integrated talent model with an emphasis on the client experience. This model takes on a unique approach with Rose International assuming responsibility for the client program as the master supplier to effectively manage and meet our client's expectations and goals.

Program Overview

The structure of our Delivery-Centric Managed Service Provider solution is tiered into three parts:

  • 1. Rose International: Primary program contact, responsible for filling a percentage of the program's openings.
  • 2. Supplier Partner Network: Rose manages the other program suppliers, diverse and non-diverse. When delivery struggles occur, we can step in to ensure client needs are met.
  • 3. Complimentary Talent Channels Array of additional solutions Rose offers to strengthen any talent management program.

Rose's Delivery-Centric MSP solution focuses on the client experience as well as the supplier partner experience. We provide exemplary, white-glove service to ensure consistent engagement throughout the program. While Rose brings its proven staffing capabilities to fill client openings as the master supplier, our program office exclusively acts as the client advocate to ensure that the best available candidates are presented to client hiring managers to maximize quality, speed and value.


  • National service capability
  • Fulfillment centric model with Rose serving as master supplier
  • QCOMPASS: Fully customizable, proprietary VMS technology
  • Reduced to no MSP fee
  • 100% of program spend counts towards the client's diverse spend goals


  • Fully Integrated Talent Channels: We evaluate and prioritize a variety of unique talent channels to form an ecosystem of sources managed cohesively under a single program owner.
  • Eliminated Co-Employment Risk: We extend our on-boarding processes and technology tools to the entire supply base resulting in 100% compliance across the program.
  • MSP Fee Reduction: Rose profits through our proven staffing delivery, which allows us to scale the MSP fee over time, in some cases to zero.
  • Focus on the Best Talent at the Best Price: Rose assumes 100% accountability for the delivery of talent, regardless of the source.
  • Innovative Use of Technology: We bring QCOMPASS, an integrated, proprietary technology stack to the VMS and program team, overcoming traditional limitations and enhancing analytics.
  • 100% Tier 1 Diverse Spend Capture: With Rose at the helm, 100% of the program spend qualifies as Tier 1 W/MBE spend capture.
  • Understanding of Client and Supplier Needs: Through our own experience as a supplier, we understand what suppliers need and value the most to maximize engagement in a managed program.

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